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Cost Reduction

C&Co PLUS can review your costs and assess where savings can be made. Following on from this, meetings will be held with key staff to implement the procedures and drive costs down.

Below are some of the areas where we are already helping clients to decrease their costs. For further information please contact us.


  • Property efficiency
  • Alternative options
  • Rent negotiations
  • Rates review

Fixed Assets

  • Leasing
  • Hire purchase
  • Short-term hire
  • Storage costs

Staff Costs

  • Renegotiate contracts
  • Incentive schemes
  • Short-term cover

Purchases & Expenses

  • Alternative suppliers
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Bank Costs
  • Utility reviews
  • Computer costs

More information

For further information contact:

Tel: 01938 552625

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"On a recommendation we appointed Mark Cadwallader of Cadwallader & Co LLP. He has been a huge benefit to the company. I have been most impressed with his hands on approach and real enthusiasm in giving us advice."

"Having worked with 2 other accountants during the early days of our 23 year old business, it was not until we worked with Cadwallader’s that we could achieve the forward looking partnership that we were seeking."

"Cadwallader & Co LLP have provided excellent support throughout, in the form of cash flows, projected accounts and business advice to enable us to develop our businesses successfully and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls."

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