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Business Development Guidance - Stage Four

Maximising Human Resources

Businesses may not have the available time or focus to make things happen. Employing a full time business development manager is often not a realistic option. We can act as catalysts for change and help maximise results from your existing managers and staff and also provide back-up as required.

We have staff who can work as a team to provide you with support in many areas of your business. Working with businesses we can release key decision makers' time to concentrate on business development.

Releasing Time

Review existing staff roles.
Prioritise time on management and development issues for key staff.
Provide short term support staff.


Our staff can take on a lot of your accounts and admin tasks on a "needs doing" basis.
We can provide temporary staff for emergency cover.

Project Management

Business plans need converting into actions.
We can provide a project manager for certain key areas.

Human Resources Support

Contracts of employment.
Incentive schemes.
Defined roles for key staff.

C&Co PLUS can provide a short term project manager who can maximise business development opportunities and help to manage and motivate staff, highlight where cost reductions can be made and provide key business information.

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Top reasons why businesses fail

  • Growing too quickly with lack of working capital
  • Failing to review the businesses finances
  • Over-spending on assets
  • Lack of reserves
  • Weaknesses in staff
  • Poor management systems in place
  • Over-dependence on owner/managers or key staff
  • Lack of clear business plan
  • In the wrong location
  • Poor customer service
  • Unable to change with time
  • Not aware of what the competition is doing
  • Lack of marketing strategy

"On a recommendation we appointed Mark Cadwallader of Cadwallader & Co LLP. He has been a huge benefit to the company. I have been most impressed with his hands on approach and real enthusiasm in giving us advice."

"Having worked with 2 other accountants during the early days of our 23 year old business, it was not until we worked with Cadwallader’s that we could achieve the forward looking partnership that we were seeking."

"Cadwallader & Co LLP have provided excellent support throughout, in the form of cash flows, projected accounts and business advice to enable us to develop our businesses successfully and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls."

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