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Business Development Guidance - Stage Five

Stage By Stage Business Development

Many business leaders tend to be too busy on day to day management issues to be able to spend the necessary time to focus on a planned structure for business development.

Business development requires looking at the big picture and ensuring necessary plans are in place to move forward on a structured basis.


Review Meeting

Arrange specific strategy and business development review meeting with staff.

Plan Structured Business Development

With timetable, targets and individual responsibilities identified.

Investment budget

Research and agree investment budget for achieving targets.


Agree sales strategies.
Agree marketing strategies.

Cash Flows

Generate forecasted accounts and cash flows around each development stage.

Business Plans

Convert into a set of business plans that all agree and commit to.

C&Co PLUS can work with you to not only prepare business plans to generate relevant information for organisations such as banks and government associates, but, importantly, also the business plan can be used as a structure that everyone understands and buys into and bench mark development against.

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