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Business Development Guidance - Stage Two

Business Review

All businesses are different and yet there are always similarities with other types of business, which can provide examples for improvement.

We provide accounts for a wide range of businesses and are able to assess good business practice from successful companies which can be passed on.

Review Financial Information

Key sales data
Profit & Loss accounts
Balance sheets
Cash flows
Management accounts

Assessment of Figures

Turnover ratios
Gross Profit %
Break even point
Expenses levels
Staff costs
Debtor & Creditor days

Discussions with Key Staff

Motivational procedures
Involvement in management meetings
Clarify management structure

Discussion of Areas to Be Looked Into

Cost reductions
Growth areas
Target setting

C&Co PLUS can review your financial information, hold discussions with key staff and provide you with an assessment of your figures and suggest certain areas which could be looked at further.

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Top ten questions for your accountant

  • Are we in-line with similar business regarding turnover, gross profit & net profit?
  • How can we reduce cost, but retain quality?
  • Which part of our business is making money and which part of our business is losing money?
  • Why are we always under severe cash flow problems?
  • What plans do we need to think about for the short, medium and long term?
  • Have we got adequate finances?
  • What do our accounts actually mean?
  • What is the best way to expand our business?
  • How do we convert our business ideas into actual actions?
  • How do we start planning to get maximum value?

"On a recommendation we appointed Mark Cadwallader of Cadwallader & Co LLP. He has been a huge benefit to the company. I have been most impressed with his hands on approach and real enthusiasm in giving us advice."

"Having worked with 2 other accountants during the early days of our 23 year old business, it was not until we worked with Cadwallader’s that we could achieve the forward looking partnership that we were seeking."

"Cadwallader & Co LLP have provided excellent support throughout, in the form of cash flows, projected accounts and business advice to enable us to develop our businesses successfully and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls."

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